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History of C.O.I.N.S


The Circle of Indigenous Nations Society is an Aboriginal non-profit society that provides cultural support and counseling services to people in the West Kootenay and Boundary region and was formed in March 2013.

Founding Members:

  • Joanie Holmes, Elder

  • Duncan Grady, Elder

  • Gerry Rempel, Elder

  • Faye Poirier, Elder

  • Ganishka Silverfox, Elder

  • Kris Salikin

  • Terri Sehn



Our Programs:


  • Aboriginal Family Services Development Program

  • "Healing Our Spirits" Aboriginal Mental Health and Substance Use Program

  • Aboriginal Early Years Program

  • Aboriginal Family Connections Program

  • Aboriginal Health Connections Program

  • Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program

  • Aboriginal Infant Development Program

  • Aboriginal Early Intervention Program

  • Traditional Parenting Program

  • Aboriginal Community Wellness Program

  • Aboriginal Community Outreach Program


Our Current/Past Projects:

  • Drum Making and Awakening Ceremonies

  • Elder's Program

  • Aboriginal Women's Healing Conference

  • Cultural Safety Training (Kairos Blanket Exercise and Medicine Wheel Teachings)

  • Aboriginal Men's Healing Conference

  • Indigenous Teen Mind Medicine

  • Drum Circles





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